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Installation Instructions Jandy Diesel

After Market Fuel Filter Adapter

Caution: Never work on a hot engine!

We recommend disconnecting the battery

For ease of access the passenger side front fender well may be removed

1. Disconnect factory fuel filter heater wire on top of the factory fuel filter head

2. Unplug the Water in Filter sensor. This can be saved in case you may want to go back

to stock set up later. Removing will not trigger a check engine light.

3. Remove the 2 bolts that attach the factory fuel filter head to the mounting bracket.

Remove the factory fuel filter. Note: this may contain fuel which may spill out. Make sure to remove the O-ring seal with the filter.

4. Once out make sure that the O-rings for the filter adapter and CAT filter are lubricated with no dry spots. Thread the Jandy Diesel Fuel Filter Adapter onto the factory filter head and hand tighten reconnect the factory fuel filter heater wire.

5. Thread the CAT filter onto adapter making sure that there are no dry spots on the O-ring and hand tighten.

6. Install the assembled Jandy Diesel fuel filter adapter and CAT filter onto the engine. Tighten the adapter and filter hand tight.

7. Replace the plastic stock air bleeder screw with the Jandy Diesel aluminum bleeder screw. Fully tighten the the new bleeder screw.

8. Prime the filter by pushing the primer pump 4-5 times and then loosen the screw to bleed off air. You may have to repeat this a few times until all the air is completely out of the system. Tighten the Jandy Diesel air bleeder screw and start your engine checking for any leaks.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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Step Into It Step Instructions

Each step comes with a paper template and 10 screws

1. Locate the area on the bumper that the step will be installed into. Note: the installation will require room behind the bumper for the step to be installed

2. Place the template onto the installation site and adhere it with tape.

3. Paper template only: Drill the desired amount of holes for the screws that will hold the step in place with the bolts provided. A minimum of 4 screws are required to safely install the step. We supply 10 screws for the 10 holes on the template due to the variety of makes and models of trucks and bumpers.

Deburr holes if needed.

4. Using the template cut the hole for the step to be placed into. Deburr cut out if needed. Caution: DO NOT OVER CUT INSERTION HOLE!

5. Paper template only: Insert the screws into the drilled holes. Some bumper setups may require the removal of the bumper at this point to install the screws for ease of installation.

Aluminum Drill Fixture

We recommend using our Aluminum Drill Fixture with hardened drill bushings that is available for a rental fee. See below for terms and conditions.

6. Insert the fixture into the area that has been cut out in the bumper.

7. Using the fixture drill the amount of holes desired with 4 being the minimum amount. There are 10 holes in the fixture and 10 screws supplied due to the variety of bumper makes and models. Use the Locating Pins provided with the Aluminum Drill Fixture to insert into each hole drilled to insure the proper alignment.

8. Remove the Aluminum Drill fixture & Locating Pins. Deburr holes if needed.

9. Insert the screws. Some bumper setups may require the removal of the bumper at this point to install the screws for ease of installation.

While not required for installation our fixture makes for ease of installation of our Step Into It Bumper Step. Please contact us for rental.

Fixture Rental Terms and Conditions:

Rental rate is $35 for one week (7 days) and $15 per day after that. The week starts upon delivery to the customer. There is a deposit charge of $175 to be paid in advance. Drill Fixture Kit will be mailed USPS Priority Mail. If after 7 days it has not been mailed back, as shown with tracking, a fee of $15 a day will be charged.

Please note:

There will be additional charges incurred for damage to the kit pieces.

After 7 days of late charges the full amount of $175 will be charged with no refund.

Kit Inventory:

Aluminum Drill fixture with steel drill bushing installed

10 Drills

10 Drill blanks